Matlock Security protects your people, data and facilities through a variety of commercial security systems including Audio/Video Surveillance, Fire Safety, Communications and Access Control.

Audio/Video Surveillance

It's critical to know your business facility is protected 24x7, and video surveillance can provide the level of security you need to keep a watchful eye on your premises and people.

By installing a combination of closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) and audio/video digital recorders, we can record sound and motion throughout the key areas of your facility including entrances, exits and parking lots as well as key personnel and data storage areas. To learn more about our audio/video security systems, please click here.

Fire Safety Alarms

A fire can devastate a business within seconds. Your people, facility, data and inventory are always at risk. You need to select the most appropriate fire alarm system for your business, and routinely inspect and test it to insure everything is working properly and is in compliance. Also, having a fire system installed may decrease your liability insurance.

Let Matlock Security's safety and security experts perform a walk-through of your facility and provide you with recommendations for implementing a fire alarm system that's right for you. We also offer inspection and maintenance programs to keep your system in top operation. To speak to one our safety and security specialists about a fire alarm system, please click here.

Communications Systems

No matter what type of business you may have, your people need to remain in constant communication with each other and with your visitors. Matlock Security can provide a variety of different audio and video products to create a custom communications system for your company.

We can design and install an intercom system to connect individual users, departments, offices and warehouses. We can help you to screen visitors and grant and restrict access to various parts of your facilities. To learn more about our communication system options, please click here.

Matlock Security is a full service Data and Voice Solutions provider. We can work with your facilities manager, architect or general contractor to design and implement an end-to-end, copper or fiber, data and voice solution for your business.

  • Data

  • Matlock Security is a certified structured cabling company for many of the leading manufacturers including Ortronics, Hitachi, and Comscope. We can perform needs analysis and design your cable plant. We will pull, terminate, test and document your wiring from the patch panel to your desktop.
  • Voice

  • Matlock Security has decades of experience designing, installing and servicing a variety of complex phone systems including Automatic Call Distribution systems (ACD), Unified Messaging systems, Digital Key Switches, Voice Mail systems, Paging and Intercom systems, School systems, and hybrid phone systems.

Security Systems

Do you know who is entering or exiting your facility's most sensitive areas? Matlock Security can provide your company with a custom access control system that will monitor and track your employees' access.

Identity theft and records theft are at an all-time high. Protect your customers' data and business records at all times. Our access control systems may be customized to your exact business needs. With these systems in place, you rest assured your facility is guarded against intruders.

Access control systems are easy to administrate, enabling you to add, delete or modify an employee's access privileges with a few clicks of a mouse. Now you can secure areas quickly and efficiently, and lock out former employees in seconds. You can even maintain historical data by individual employee for disciplinary action or legal proceedings. To learn more about how to secure your facility, please click here.

Other Services

Matlock Security also offers a variety of other commercial security and communications products and services to enhance your business including sound masking and nurse call systems.

  • Sound Masking

  • Our sound masking products are ideal for any facility where the noise level is distracting to the employees. Using a variety of different devices and technologies, we can reduce or eliminate awareness of noise in a given area such as a factory or manufacturing facility that also shares office space with administrative employees. Sound masking can make noisy environments more comfortable to work in, enhance privacy, and enable employees to better concentrate and be more productive. To learn more about sound masking, please click here.

  • Nurse Call Systems

  • Our nurse call systems are ideal for hospitals, retirement homes, or hospices and can scale to fit any healthcare facility. Our intercom system streamlines communications between nursing staff and patients allowing faster response time and a higher quality of patient care and satisfaction. To learn more about nurse call systems, please click here.

To schedule an appointment with one of our security experts, please call us at (918) 438-8995 or click here to send us your request for more information.